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2016.03 Relocation of company building to “Jukjeon Digital Valley”
2014.12 Awarded with Three Million Dollar Export Tower
2014.10 Awarded with “Outstanding Supplier Award” by SK Hynix
2011.12 Awarded with One Million Dollar Export Tower
2010.12 Registered as Venture Company
2009.05 Member of Association of Innovative SMEs (INNOBIZ)
2008.11 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2008.05 Established company affiliated research center
2007.02 Acquired certification as a company specializing in material and component
2006.09 Purchased land for Jukjeon Plant 2
2004.10 Acquired A rating from Korea Credit Rating Evaluation
2004.08 Acquired Clean Site certification
2003.01 Acquired ISO9001 certification
1999.12 Registered as vendor for Samsung Semi-Conductor
1998.11 Relocation to new plant
1997.11 Declared trade business of BoBoo Hitech Co., Ltd
1996.10 Completed the construction of plant dedicated to semi-conductor parts
1995.03 Technology partnership with POLYMER CORP., USA
1994.03 Registered as vendor for Hynix
1994.03 Established BoBoo Hitech Co., Ltd
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